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Onsite Training

Bua Training provides training courses either in our training centre or on your premises. Our training courses normally run from 9.30am to 5pm, with a short break in the morning and the afternoon, and an hour for lunch. For all courses, Bua Training will supply the training manuals, pencils, a sign-in sheet and post-course evaluation forms.

If you choose a course on your premises, we normally ask that you provide the items listed below.

We recommend that you check that all these items are available at least 24 hours before the course. If these items are not available, please advise Bua Training as soon as possible.

A room

  • the trainer must be able to make eye-contact with all the trainees
  • the room should be as free from interruptions as possible
  • the room should be suitable to accommodate a seat for each trainee, and enough desk space for their computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse

One computer for each trainee - one for the trainer is helpful, but not required

  • user profiles and passwords for each trainee (and the trainer)
  • the relevant software installed and activated on each computer - check that it is the correct version
  • access to wherever the training files are on the network from each of those PCs
  • A jug of water for the trainer
  • Facilities for tea and coffee for a break
  • Facilities for lunch


Also useful are:

  • A whiteboard and non-permanent markers or alternatively a flip-chart
  • A method to distribute training files onto each training computer - access to network drives, company email, webmail, or active USB ports
  • Internet access


If you would like any more information about Bua Training's terms and conditions, please contact us for details.




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