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Development Terms

Development of databases, macros, templates, websites and other software, and software components, unless otherwise agreed in writing, is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Bua Training strives to ensure that all development is done to the highest standards
  • Development is carried out according to an agreed specification
  • In the event that the client notices a variation from the specification, they should inform Bua Training as soon as reasonably possible
  • Bua Training will rectify any variation from the agreed specification
  • Additions or amendments to the development not included in the specification may be agreed in a supplementary specification
  • Bua Training reserves the right to supply development products with restrictions on time or other functions pending payment
  • In such instances, unrestricted versions will be supplied on reciept of payment, and no liability will attach to Bua Training for the inability to use the product, or any part of the product
  • Data supplied by the client for the purpose of development will be treated with utmost care and confidentiality, and deleted when no longer required
  • Bua Training will not communicate knowledge of the client's internal business procedures or other confidential information gained in the development process to any third party, unless instructed to do so by a competent authority
  • Where knowledge of the client's internal business procedures or other confidential information is embedded in the development work done by Bua Training, this will be subject with the same confidentiality
  • Bua Training may update these terms from time to time to ensure the orderly conduct of its development business
  • Notwithstanding this, Bua Training may retain copies of the development work, which may be used in whole or part for future development for the same or another client
If you would like any more information about Bua Training's terms and conditions, please contact usfor details.

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