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  • Basic Text Format
  • Objects, Properties and Methods
  • What are Objects and Collections?
  • What is a Property?
  • What is a Method?
  • Return an Object
  • Variable and Constants
  • Variable
  • Data Types
  • Constants
  • Control Structures
  • Conditional Control Structures
  • Loop Control Structures
  • FOR...NEXT
  • Perform Multiple Actions on an Object
  • Non-Structured Statements
  • Sub Procedures
  • Controls, Dialog Boxes and Forms
  • Built-in Dialog Boxes
  • Predefined Dialog Boxes
  • Microsoft Word VBA

    Microsoft Word is a word-processing programme that helps you write and edit documents easily, whether they are short letters and memos or long reports or books.

    Microsoft Word training courses are available at our state of the art training centre in Dublin City Centre or we are happy to travel to your company premises anywhere in Ireland.

    Fill out Microsoft Word Pre-Course Questionnaire

    If you would like to have a course customised for your organisation, please contact us.
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