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This course will give you an understanding of their computer in general. You will have the ability to work with Microsoft Windows to create and store information, run programs, as well as having a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and the Internet.
  • Effective use of the keyboard and mouse
  • Use any programs on the computer such as Microsoft Office
  • Alter the computers settings to the users preference
  • File and folder management
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  • Delete Files
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Send and Receive Email
  • Store Email Addresses
  • Browse the Web
  • Use a Search Engine
  • Switch off the Computer
  • How to Use what You’ve Learnt
  • Microsoft Windows Level 1

    Microsoft Windows is an operating system, the software that makes a computer work. It allows other software to work, and organises where files are stored on the computer. It also manages connecting to the internet or a network and functions such as printing. Microsoft Windows training courses are available at our state of the art training centre in Dublin City Centre or we are happy to travel to your company premises anywhere in Ireland.

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    If you would like to have a course customised for your organisation, please contact us.
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